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7 Must-Try Dishes and Places to Eat in Ajmer

Pyaaz Kachori.jpeg

Pyaaz Kachori

Ajmer, like any other city in Rajasthan, is famous for its kachoris. Jodhpur Sweets is the greatest spot to get this deep-fried delicacy. This sweet and savory restaurant in Naya Bazaar is a famous spot for real Rajasthani Kachori. The combination of ginger, garlic, and Garam Masala (a blend of many spices) in the Pyaz ki Kachauri at Shree Jodhpur Sweets gives it a distinct flavor. It's accompanied by a hot potato curry and a sweet red sauce (saaut chutney). I'm sure your mouth is already watering!

Kadhi Kachori.jpeg

Kadhi Kachori

In India, kachori is a popular food. Ajmer has its own take on it. If you're searching for a curry-flavored Kachori, you should try the Kadhi Kachori at Khandelwal Chaat Bhandar in Kesar Ganj. Kadhi is used to dip kachori (stuffed puff pastry with spicy lentil mix). Kadi is a thin gravy made of gram flour and yogurt. The spicy kachori soaked in tangy kadhi creates a one-of-a-kind flavor that you'll remember for a long time. You should come here on an empty stomach since you can't just have one.


If you've been to Ajmer during peak season, you've earned a Falooda from Indian Mix Ice Cream House. Instead of a typical plate, they serve the exquisite falooda kulfi in a wine glass. The combination of sweet syrups, vermicelli, and ice cream creates a mouth-watering burst of flavors. Falooda Ice Cream is a famous cold beverage typically produced by combining rose syrup or Rooh Afza (rose essence), Falooda Sev (vermicelli), soaking basil seeds (Sabja/Takmaria), cooled milk, crushed ice, bits of flavored gelatine topped with dried fruits, and vanilla ice cream.


Sohan Halwa

Ajmer's specialty is Sohan Halwa. It is a dessert comprised of flour, milk, and sugar. The halwa has a paste-like consistency and is flavored with dried fruits and cardamom powder. This halwa is made using pure Desi Ghee (clarified butter). Despite being classified as a "halwa," it resembles a biscuit.

This meal is available in Moolchand Buddhamal Halwai in Ajmer, near Purani Mandi. Running over an extended period of time Moolchand Buddhamal Halwai is one of the oldest sweet shops in Ajmer and is well-known for providing a wide range of high-quality treats to its consumers.

Sohan Halwa.jpeg


Ajmerites are die heart foodies. They like the chaats and street meals. It's unique Indian street cuisine, a collection of acidic, spicy nibbles from North India. This meal is composed of potatoes, crunchy fried bread, chickpeas or gram, and fragrant spices. Ajmer has a variety of tangy-savory chaats for everyone who drools for tangy-savory chaats such as aloo chaat, samosa chaat, Dahi vada, and so on. Some of the well-known chaat establishments in Ajmer are Shankar Chaat, Shree Namkeen, Kesarganj, Mahadev Chaat, and others.

Dal Pakwan.jpeg

Dal Pakwan

Dal pakwan is a traditional and authentic Sindhi breakfast. It is a deep-fried, crisp, unpuffed maida puri seasoned with salt, pepper, and ajwain and served with chana dal, which is topped with coriander chutney, tamarind chutney, and chopped onions, making it a wonderful treat. The delicious dal pakwan can be eaten for breakfast or as a heavy snack. While it is not the healthiest dish, the goodness of the spices combined with the pakwan will make you wish you were born into a Sindhi family. Kesar restaurant serves the delicious dal pakwan in ajmer .



When you ask a Pushkar resident what his or her favorite sweet dish is, the answer is usually Malpua. This flavorful dish is commonly eaten after a meal or as a tea-time snack. A malpua is a sweet dessert that can only be found in Pushkar, notably Halwai Ki Gali.

These little "pancakes" dipped in nutty sugar syrup are the ultimate sweet treat. Malpuas are fairly filling, yet no one can stop at just one. They are enhanced when served with rabdi (sweet condensed milk). Sarvadia Mishtan Bhandar is the place to go for the finest Malpuas in Pushkar. The Radhey Ji Restaurant near the Varah Ghat is one of the greatest locations to eat.

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